Fakirs is a documentary directed by Xavi Domenéch. Fakirs is a look back at the past, at the present and at the future of some of the few people who have realised their childhood dream of making a living being a fakir. A show where the control of one’s mind and body allow doing inconceivable things. It is an art of self-control and self-confrontation that will continue to exist.

Producer Company: De Verité Produccions
Producer: Anna Cervera
Director/s: Xavi Domènech
Director of photography: Alex Pérez
Camera operator: Alex Pérez y Xavi Domenech
Script: Xavi Domènech
Editor: Xavi Domènech y Angels Tous
Colorist: Marc Farreres

Shot on Canon 5D MII and Panasonic AG-HVX200