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Cinematographer working on narrative, documentary and commercial films

“But is that really what you want? Are you sure about this step you’re going to take? Think it through carefully son, because we simply cannot understand it” My parents didn’t take my decision too well not to take on the family company and to drop my business studies course. “You’re throwing away a secure future,” they said. “You won’t be leaving home until your in your ’40’s!”

After completing a CFGS, followed by gaining work experience, completing my Audiovisual Communication studies at university, gaining further experience from various specialised courses, and, of course doing a lot of hard work, I’m gradually becoming the cinematographer that I always wanted to be.

With a specialism in branded content and storytelling, I’ve worked with agencies and names such as Loft, Jesus Peiro, Tviso, ThoughtWorks, Cases and Lacambra and Pallapupes to name a few. I take on each project with the idea that no story is impossible to tell, nor scene impossible to photograph.

I can work as a ‘one-man-band’ on small productions, or integrate myself within crews of bigger productions. Additionally, my equipment can be utilised and adapted to satisfy the needs of every project.